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Welcome to The Biz Toolbox!

Since September 1995, I’ve made my living from the internet. At that time, I was so broke, my son and I were living with a friend. My wife and daughter were living with her parents.

I was desperate and working all kinds of crazy hours, wondering if I was ever going to get back on my feet.

Something magical happened one of those September nights.  I left a short message on my website informing people if they wanted access they needed to send me their credit card so I could charge them $5.00

Then I went to bed exhausted.

When I woke I went to my computer and checked my email. There was 27 emails containing credit card information!

I was simply dumbstruck.  I didn't even know how to process credit cards.

Suffice to say, I ended up banking $2,655.00 that month.  It was like winning the lottery and I’ve never looked back

The business grew like magic beans and over the next 6 years it racked in a little over $18,000,000!!

If you would like to hear more about my story, I’ve covered it in more detail here.  My aim is not to talk about me, so let’s skip ahead.

In 1995, when the internet was unregulated, wild and crazy, we had to learn our way, make our own tools and invent things.  Back then to write the HTML code for a website we had to use Notepad.

There was no fancy pants editors or WordPress.

These days, everything has changed, there is an avalanche of tools, and apps.  The problem now is choosing. You sure don’t want to invest your scarce resources into say a hosting package which turns out to be garbage.

That would be devastating and cost you a lot of time and money.

That’s where we believe we can help you.  We have walked the walk since 1995. We know which tools and apps work and provide true value.  Some are free, some are paid.

You definitely want to make the right price without having to spend weeks assessing different tools and apps.  Your job is to make money right?

I want to share as much information about the internet, it’s applications, tools and methods of making money that I can with you. This site is called The Biz Toolbox.  Hopefully it will be your go to place when you need to figure out how to do something from someone who probably already did it.

Maybe you already make money, maybe you’re just starting out or you’re somewhere in between.  No matter what your level of experience, as long as you have a desire to discover new information and a willingness to do the work, I reckon we can help you.

Things have come a long way since 1995 and we’ve kept up to date.  Our sites make money using a wide range of tools and content. Yes content is still king

My main income business these days is generating and selling leads to people in the network marketing industry, selling MLM Leads

That business was established in 2003 and is still a world leader. For reasons I mostly forget, the site is called Apache Leads. Feel free to check it out if you want to buy MLM leads.

We also have two sister sites, including  Xsited Leads

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