How to Start an Online Business With No Money

How to Start an Online Business With No Money

By Don Reid

May 28, 2019

This is absolutely the worst question to ask about starting an online business from home.  

The answer is simple common sense!

Go and get a job

You cannot start any online home business without money.  I’ll explain why a little later.

Listen, if you have no money, how are you even living right now?  You need to cover your living expenses and have some left over money for your business.

Go get a job anywhere that pays you at least $10 per hour.  Before you say, “there’s no jobs I like around here” or “I don’t like $10 an hour jobs”

Let me tell you nobody cares.

I once had a job scrubbing walls in a really shitty old hospital.  You think I liked that?

The idea of any job is to cover your living expenses.  Then you can always trade up to a better job.

Get a job that pays at least $10 per hour and gives you 40 hours per week.  Live cheap. Do not waste a cent. Save every penny you can.

Don’t be spending on booze, drugs, smokes and partying.  Well, sure you can do all that but while you do those things,  you’ll never get an online business started.

Being in your own business takes focus and work.  Begin practicing that now.


Think about this:  

Wages are made 9 to 5, fortunes are made after hours.

A truly rich entrepreneur told me that on his luxury boat one day


Businesses sell stuff.  

You will need to be selling something in your business. It needs to be something people are willing to pay money for.

It boils down to two things you can sell:


Products or Services

Let’s look at products for your online business first.

You could set up a Shopify Store or an Amazon Store (for example)

You could buy some products on Ali Express for say $2.00 each and sell them for $10.00 each

This is one reason why you need some money, right?

Another way you can sell products without outlaying any cash for them is to do Affiliate Marketing.

This is where product and service owners will pay you a commission for everyone you send to their site that ends up buying.  

Pretty cool right?

Yes it is.  You don’t have to owna product. You don’t have to provide any customer service?  You don’t have to organise how to take payments. Nothing, you simply write a nice post about the product and send people to the sellers site via your unique affiliate link

But WHERE do you get a list of products to sell with affiliate links?

Good question.  The most comprehensive list of affiliate programs is this downloadable PDF book.

Every online business owner should have The Megabook of Affiliate Programs


Let’s take a look at services for your internet business.  

Which skill or expertise do you have that you could sell as a service?

Let’s look at a few which might help you figure something out.

Do you have skills in any of the following?

Lawn Mowing?

Cleaning Cars?

Walking Dogs?






Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Making Websites?

Graphic Design?






Guitar Lessons?

Ok, these are all just services which came into my head as I was writing the list.  I’m sure you get the point and understand the difference between a product and a service.


Which one can you do well enough that people would pay you?

Actually are you truly into Gaming?  You might be interested in getting paid to test new games before they are launched.  You can check that out here

If you choose a service, you might need a website if having an online business is your goal. With selling you can, simply sell on Amazon. They provide everything, including the fulfilment of the order

If you’re going to need a website to advertise your service, probably the easiest is WIX

It’s a very simple, inexpensive online business which allows you to quickly and without any technical skill….build a website.  Try WIX for free


Now You Need Traffic!

Let’s assume you now have a website or you’re going with amazon.  You might have the best website on the entire internet. But if you do not have traffic coming to it, guess what?

You will not sell a damn thing.

You’re maybe going to say you’re going to SEO the daylights out of that site and get tons of traffic.

That’s a pipedream my friend.  

There are literally millions of sites competing with you for the available traffic from search engines.  You could spend weeks and months trying to get top rankings. You probably won’t.

So this is the part I was talking about right at the beginning where you would need some money saved to invest in your business


Buying Advertising

There are two main places to buy advertising (paid traffic) for your fledgling online business.  They are, Google Adwords and Facebook Advertising.

Google is harder for a beginner to master than Facebook.  For this reason, we will stick with Facebook for the time being.

The first thing you need to do is create an account here

Facebook provides plenty of good, easy to follow training on how to advertise effectively on FB.  Do the training.

When you start a campaign, do not throw $500 at at it!  If you do, you will burn through that in a very short time and have nothing to show for it.

Set your initial budget to $10 so you can test your ads and see if they work.

When you advertise you should always get at least your money back.  For example if you spend $50 you should get $100 back from sales.

If you do not then you’re doing it wrong.

In the beginning if you break even you’re doing ok.  

At least then you can tweak the campaign and start to make money.


The Final Thoughts

This article is really only meant to teach you the basic steps of getting your online business up and running.  The steps above are real and definitely what you should be doing.

However, and here it comes, there is not enough information above for you to ever make any money.

There is a lot more to it and it would be in your best interests to gain the knowledge and develop the skills needed.  No it’s not always easy and yes, it always takes work. But if you tell a guy who digs trenches for a living what you have to do to make money online, he will laugh at how easy your job is.


You can do this, jeez, I did!  

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Don Reid

Don Reid, an experienced MLM builder and Entrepreneur, he founded Apache Leads in 2003. Born in Australia, Don currently lives in Cambodia, when he is not traveling on his many adventures around the world