How to write a book

How To Write A Book And Sell Like Crazy

By Greg Reed

June 10, 2019

How To Write A Book…

Question: Do you need to boost your credibility, become the leading expert in your field and make more sales?

Answer: Write A Book

Simple but daunting. What if you failed English in grade school or that English is your second language? Are you feeling a little daunted about how to write a book?

No need.

Not sure what to write? Afraid of producing something that doesn’t sell, diminishes your credibility even further and instead of making you an expert, permanently brands you as a failure, and a laughing stock in your industry?

Don’t worry. I’ve got a plan. A template. An easy to follow step by step guide that will have you a published author in as little as 72 hours and on your way to becoming an Amazon bestselling author.

Really? Yes really!

I’m about to give you an ‘insiders’ view of how a 50 something, B grade English student has published 12 Amazon bestsellers (in category) in the past 4 years, become a chased after keynote speaker and is negotiating with film producers to turn his book into a Hollywood blockbuster!

Are you in? Here’s the 5 step process he uses that virtually guarantees a Top 10 position on Amazon Kindle usually within 14 hours of release. Let’s get started.


There are two basic ways to write a book to get readers. Write what your like (and think it will sell) or write what the market wants (and know it will sell).

I prefer the later. It guarantees better success.

Research can be done offline by chatting to readers, visiting bookstores and seeing what’s available in your genre or talking with publishers. While this type of research can be valuable it is more opinion based and therefore maybe not be totally accurate.

Online research offers up more accurate information especially when you use software that can deliver data on what is hot in a genre, what’s selling and backs it up with evidence.

K-lytics is a company that provides the best book research on what readers currently want, thereby removing all the guesswork around what you need to write about. Check them out, grab a subscription or buy an individual report from just $37.

Write A Good Book

Can’t write? No problem. Hire a ghostwriter.

Do you love books by celebrities, sports stars, musicians or movie stars? I can practically guarantee, 100%, the star didn’t write the book. They may have contributed details about the story but the writing was done by a ghostwriter.

Ghostwriters are people who write for another person for payment; usually without any recognition of their work in their own name. They do not own the work; it’s been assigned to a new owner. Usually the publisher and ghostwriter have a non disclosure agreement in place at the beginning of the assignment to protect all parties.

A great place to find ghostwriters is on Upworks. Create your free account, post your job and have writers bid for your work. Money is held in escrow until you receive your work, approve it and then release payment to the writer.


Before publishing you need to ensure your masterpiece is mistake free. The world is full of grammar nazis and you’ll be canned for your mistakes. One star book reviews hurt sales – be mistake free (as possible).

Editors can be found by googling the term or going to services like Fiverr or your governing writing body in your area for recommendations.

Whatever you do – get an editor BEFORE you publish!

Build An Email List

Yes email is alive and well. Naysers will tell you email marketing is dead but that’s because they write boring, spammy emails that never get opened.

Emails with catchy headings and valuable information written in a way that resonates with readers is opened often and fast. In fact an engaged email list of readers can’t wait to receive your next communication.

Statistics remind us that email has a 41% ROI, three times larger than Facebook.

Build your email list by starting on day one. Offer a free chapter sample, checklist or even a small novella in your genre to entice people to give you their email address.


Promoting your book can be done the easy or hard way; the fast or slow way. I’m guessing your voting for easy and fast so I’m going to skip the free, time consuming marketing ideas and go straight to the paid versions.

Facebook and Amazon Advertising

Facebook and Amazon marketing offer the best mediums to market your book in 2019 with Google ads thrown in if of product or service has a more business slant.

If you’re new to advertising on these platforms the quickest way to get up to speed is to consume these two books.

Help My Facebook Ads Suck by Michael Cooper and
Mastering Amazon Ads by Brian Meeks

are the two best on their respective subject. It’ll be the best $3.49 you’ll ever invest!

Write A Book and Publish Within 72 Hours

Amazon Kindle is the answer.

Don’t waste your time knocking on the doors of publishers, begging to one year old publishing interns for them to take your masterpiece when Amazon blew the doors off the industry in 2007 making these cravat wearing, pontificating dinosaurs choke on their Remy Martin brandy.

Amazon controls the online market and that’s where you need to be. Books in stores are great for the ego but rarely make sales unless you are Beyonce.

Turn your masterpiece into an eBook and upload it directly to Amazon. And within 72 hours you’ll be a published author.

If you need the hit of holding some paper in your hand, Amazon through its Kindle Direct Publishing platform can also create your printed book with their on demand service.

No need to fill your garage with cartons of books that nobody may buy except for your Mum, kids and spouse. When a paperback is order through Amazon, your book is printed and shipped with the week.

Fast, high quality and it won’t break your hip pocket.


Write a book to build your credibility and make more sales.

Do the research as to what the market wants and write good books.

Use a ghostwriter if you can write and make sure your finished product is edited before you you hit the publish button.

Set aside some funds to promote your book. Facebook and Amazon ads rule while Google still has a place around business type books.

Upload your masterpiece to Amazon Kindle and bypass traditional publishers for now.

Follow these steps on how to write a book and see your career soar!


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