Mobile Leads Ninja

Discover the Amazing Legal and Ethical Secret to Getting Thousands of Excited Leads Calling You at The Press of a Button

Module 1Introduction
Lesson 1Note From The Author
Lesson 2How To Get The Most From Your Mobile Leads Ninja course
Module 2Audacity
Lesson 1Understanding The Ringless Voicemail Drops and SMS Texting systems
Lesson 2Record Voicemail
Module 3Leads Rain
Lesson 1Upload Your Leads
Lesson 2Sign Up
Lesson 3Buying Credit
Lesson 4Add Campaign
Lesson 5Adding A List
Lesson 6Adding Your Numbers
Lesson 7Upload Audio File
Module 4Campaigns
Lesson 1Edit Campaign
Lesson 2Activating Your Campaign
Lesson 3Reporting
Module 5Conclusion
Lesson 1Mobile Leads Ninja Conclusion
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